Rental Fee Schedule

Rental Areas: The rental areas of the Clubhouse, for one-time events, are as follows:

Rental Fees: All rental fees must be submitted at the time of agreement signing.

Upstairs OR Downstairs $50/hour or $300/day, resident
$100/hour or $600/day, non-resident
Entire Building $100/ hour or $550/day, resident
$200/ hour or $950/day, non-resident

Events require a 2 hour minimum rental agreement.

Holidays require a 3 hour minimum rental agreement.

Weddings and Wedding Receptions require rental of the entire building for the entire day.

Military Use Discount: If a resident is being deployed into harm's way, he/she may receive free use of the building. If he/she is not a resident, then the resident fee will apply. These discounts apply to a military homecoming party also.

Deposits: The following deposits shall apply to all renters:

Separate checks are needed for each deposit and the rental fee, payable to the Stansbury Service Agency. All payments are due at the time of the agreement signing.

Keys: There is a $25.00 replacement fee for each key that is lost or returned damaged.

Refunds: Rental fee may be refunded, if notification of cancellation is given to the Service Agency, no later than 48 hours before the scheduled event, for weekday events, and two weeks before the scheduled event, for weekend events.

Free Use of the Clubhouse: In certain situations, the Clubhouse may be used free of charge by individuals or organizations. Individuals or organizations desiring free use of the Clubhouse may apply by contacting the Service Agency Office, at 435-882-6188.