Rental Rules

Noise generated by any activity at the Clubhouse must be maintained within Tooele County noise ordinance parameters, so as not to interfere with the residents living around the lake, or in the immediate area of the Clubhouse. Use of all sound systems, outside of the Clubhouse, must end no later than 10:00 pm.

All renters of the Clubhouse must obey all state and local liquor and beer laws. As referenced in the Fee Schedule, a $200.00 deposit is required if liquor is to be served or consumed on the premises.

No vehicle is allowed to drive on, park, or stop on any sidewalk area. Parking on sidewalks will result in the loss of the damage deposit.

Children must have adult supervision at all times.

Heating & Cooling:
In order to maintain the heating and cooling in the Clubhouse, all doors and windows that open to the outside must be kept closed during the event. If any outside doors or windows are propped open during an event, the $100.00 deposit will be forfeited.

Cleaning & Check-out:
Each renter will receive a Cleaning and Check-out List, at the time of the Rental Agreement signing, to facilitate in the check-out process. Please follow the instructions listed, leaving the facility in rentable condition. All event signage must be removed from around the community. Cleaning and Damage deposits will be refunded upon the completion of a successful check-out.

Closing Hours: All functions at the Clubhouse will cease no later than 10:00 pm, Sunday through Thursday, and 12 midnight, on Friday and Saturday. New Year's Eve will be the only exception to the closing hours.

SMOKE-FREE ENVIRONMENT The Stansbury Park Clubhouse has been designated as a smoke-free environment. No smoking is allowed anywhere inside or around the building in accordance with the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act.