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Ingrid Swenson
Board Clerk

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Stansbury Park, UT 84074

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Stansbury Service Agency Purpose, Vision, Mission & Values


    The Agency was established for the purposes of

    1. providing recreation services and owning, operating, and maintaining the golf course, swimming pool, lake, playgrounds and all equipment, facilities and grounds related thereto; and
    2. owning, operating, and maintaining the open space and greenbelt lands and all equipment, facilities and grounds related thereto. (see Interlocal Agreement of August 12. 1992, between Stansbury Recreation Service Area and Stansbury Greenbelt Service Area.)


    Stansbury Park is a unique community in Tooele County characterized by its large system of parks, trails, lake, pool, golf course, amphitheater, cemetery, and public buildings. Natural, cultural, artistic, historical, and recreational resources cultivate outstanding experiences, health, enjoyment, fun and learning for all residents. The Agency Board of Trustees and employees carefully and efficiently manage taxpayer funds to provide maximum benefit to residents. The park system is sustainable, well-maintained and safe. It meets the needs of individuals, families, and the community. The focus on preserving and developing land continues with a strong emphasis on connecting people to the community spaces and each other. Aware of its value to their lives, residents are proud stewards and supporters of an extraordinary park and recreation system.

Vision Themes

    1. Natural resources, including trees, flowers, green spaces, desertscapes and waters that endure and captivate,
    2. Recreation that inspires personal growth, healthy lifestyles, and a sense of community,
    3. Dynamic parks that shape community character and meet diverse community needs,
    4. Safe place to play, celebrate, contemplate, recreate, and work,
    5. Supportive work environment for employees, and
    6. Efficiently managed funds.

Our Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to enrich the lives of the residents of Stansbury Park by providing:
    1. safe, welcoming parks and recreation facilities and
    2. affordable, diverse recreation and cultural opportunities whereby people of all ages may play, learn, and interact.

Core Values

    1. We value Sustainability: balance environmental, economic and equity concerns to set realistic program, infrastructure, and service levels.
    2. We value Visionary Leadership: respect the vision that built the park and recognize the need for ongoing leadership and flexibility in achieving excellence.
    3. We value Safety: support safe and thriving environments for employees and residents.
    4. Responsiveness and Innovation: anticipate and thoughtfully respond to diverse needs, continually improving and tailoring park and recreation services to changing needs.
    5. Partnerships & Technology: continually evaluate existing and potential partnerships and technology to better serve the community.

Stansbury Service Agency


1 Country Club Dr. Ste 1
Stansbury Park, UT 84074
Phone: 435.882.6188