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Request For Records (GRAMA)

The Agency is subject to and complies with the Government Records Access and Management Act (“GRAMA.”) GRAMA provides the basis for the Agency’s information practices including classification, designation, access, denials, segregation, appeals, management, retention, and amendment of records. The Agency adopts GRAMA’s standards for classification and designation of its records as public, private, controlled or protected.

The Utah Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA) is a comprehensive law that balances the public’s right to know with the public’s right to privacy. Only public records will be released to the public; all other records are subject to their classification and will be released only to specific, designated individuals/organizations. The public will not be charged for reviewing or inspecting a record; however, if a copy or scan of the record is requested, then a fee will be charged to cover copying or scanning costs.

To request a record, it must be in writing and include the requester’s name, address, telephone number (if available), and a specific description of the record(s) requested (Utah Code Section 63G-2-204(1).) The easiest method to prepare and submit the request is through the Open Records Portal. You may also use an agency’s request form or a generic request form provided by the Utah State Archives.

A request can be filed in one of these ways:

Make sure the request is specific and concise in order to help the agency quickly locate and identify the record you are requesting. No matter how you submit the request, be sure to address it to the records officer.

After receiving your request, the Agency Recorder will respond to your request by (1) approving the request and providing the record within ten business days; (2) denying the request and outlining the appeals process; (3) notifying you that the Agency does not have or cannot find the record requested and direct you to the proper agency, if known; or (4) notifying you that an approval/denial cannot be given immediately and providing a date for follow-up communication

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