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Stansbury Service Agency Fee Schedule

Disclaimer: All fees are subject to change by board decision. The absence of a fee on this Schedule, or the presence of an incorrect fee, does not relieve any person of the requirement to pay the correct fee.

Click here for printable .pdf copies of our fee schedules:

Clubhouse Rental Fee Schedule

Friday - Sunday
ResidentNon Resident
Hourly (3hr min)Full Day RentalHourly (3hr min)Full Day Rental
Entire Building$190$1340$215$1550
Up front Deposit (damage/cleaning) *$1200$1200
Alcohol fee$400$400
Monday - Thursday
ResidentNon Resident
Hourly (3 hr min)Full day rentalHourly (3hr min)Full day rental
Entire Building$165$1125$190$1390
Up front deposit (damage/cleaning) *$1200$1200
Alcohol Fee$400$400
* $300 non-refundable

Gazebo and Pavilion Rental Fee Schedule

Porter Way Park Pavilion & Lakeside GazeboResidentNon Resident
Half Day (4 hrs)Full Day (8 hrs)Half Day (4 hrs)Full Day (8hrs)
Rental Fees$50$80$80$120
Cleaning/Damage deposit$50$80$80$120

Cemetery Fee Schedule

Right to BurialResidentNon Resident
Plots (Full casket w/vault)$600$1200
Open and Close
WeekdayFull Casket$450$650
Baby or Cremation$250$350
WeekendFull Casket$650$750
Baby or Cremation$350$400
Headstone Setting$50$50
Certificate Transfer$50$50

Stansbury Golf Fee Schedule

GOLF COURSE9-Holes18-Holes
Weekday - Adult$15$25
Weekday - Junior$8$11
Weekend - Adult$21$30
Weekend - Junior$11$15
Cart ***$10$15
Clubs Rental$11$16

*** Use of a cart either owned or course provided

Season PassFees
Adult Pass - walking$675
Spouse Pass - walking$625
Senior 65+ Pass - walking$525
Junior Pass$350
Trail Pass *$300
Adult Pass w/cart **$1400
Senior 65+ w/cart **$1200
Punch Card - 20 RoundsFees
Weekday - walking$270
Weeday w/cart ***$430
Senior 65+ - walking$235
Senior 65+ w/cart ***$385
Weekend - walking$375
Weekend w/cart ***$550
Senior 65+ - walking$300
Senior 65+ w/cart ***$475
*Personal cart
**Cart Rental
***Use of a cart either owned or course provided

Pool Fee Schedule

SWIMMING POOLResidentNon Resident
Daily Admissions$4$6
Punch Card - 20 visits$72$108
Season Pass - Individual$90$135
Season Pass - 2 individuals$150$225
Season Pass Family - Additional per individual$25$40
Pool Party - Sunday-Thursday (2 hr. min)*$100/hr$150/hr
Pool Party - Friday-Saturday (2 hr. min)*$150/hr$200/hr
Swim Lessons$40$40
Swim Team$100$100

Stansbury Youth Sports Fee Schedule Park Use

ParkField TypeResident Hourly FeeNonResident Hourly Fee
Brent RoseTennis$5/court$10/court
Brent RoseSmall Box$10$20
Galley LaneSmall Box$15$30
GatewaySmall Box$10$20
ParkviewLarge Box$30$60
Porter WayDiamond$10$20
Porter WayDisc Golf$10$20
Porter WayPickleball$5/court$10/court
Porter WayTennis$5/court$10/court
Sagers (Entire Park)Diamond$35$70
SandhillLarge Box$20$40
VillageLarge Box$40$80

Stansbury Service Agency


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