Kids Triathlon Guidelines

Come kick off Stansbury Days with us at the 13th Annual Stansbury Days KIDS Triathlon!! FOR KIDS AGES 5-12
Friday, August 9th @ 6:30 pm.

The triathlon will begin at the Stansbury Park Pool, where kids will swim one lap. They will then bike 3.2 miles and finish with a 1-mile run. The finish line will be across the bridge by the skate park.

The registration fee is $13 per participant and includes a participation medal and after-race snacks. The top three finishers of each age division, boys and girls, receive trophies! Ages 5-12 are welcome, but space is limited, so sign up today!

**VOLUNTEERS NEEDED** We love volunteers Ages 14 to 99!! Scout groups, youth groups, sports teams, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents……sign up here:
or contact Karess at 801-550-2284 (text)

PARENTS CAN NOT RIDE OR RUN WITH THE KIDS!! except the 5-year-olds on the bike course ONLY. If you’re nervous about the course, please refer to the map on the runnercard registration page and practice it with your kiddos.
The reasoning behind this is that it’s a kids’ race. They’re supposed to run it at their own pace and have fun with it. Also, if every parent ran with their kids, the course would be a mess, and it wouldn’t be a kids’ race. We have plenty of volunteers all along both courses. Let them know they can ask anyone in a bright vest for help.

-Ask anyone in a bright yellow vest for help
-Ride along the side of the road, not down the middle. Cars need to pass them.
-After you’re finished with the bike, put your bike back in your original spot, that’s part of the transition!
-Wear your bib on THE FRONT of your shirt so we can record your number at the transitions

1. Check-in begins at 5:15 p.m. and goes until 6:15 p.m. The race starts at 6:30! Please arrive within that hour to get your bib number and rack your bike. Look for us outside the pool.
2. If your bike is too small to hang on the rack, just lay it on the ground under the rack. *BIKES MUST BE RACKED IN THE SAME PLACE AFTER THEY FINISH THE BIKE portion of the race. Please talk to your kids about that.
3. Keep your shoes and helmet with your bike.
4. If your young child needs help with his/her helmet or shoes, (like tying shoes or buckling the helmet only) please meet them OUTSIDE the bike rack, on the grass.
*Older kids must wear their shoes and helmets in the bike area.
5. Remember, the transitions are part of the race, so kids must do it alone!
6. No parents should be in the bike area once the race starts.
7. We will start kids in the pool in 10-second intervals. They will swim one length, duck under the lane line, and swim back. Life jackets are OK, but swim fins are not.
8. No one will be allowed to leave the bike area without their helmet on and buckled.
9. Make sure your kids wear their race bibs on the front of their shirts and only pin the top so we can tear off the bottom when they cross the finish line. This is how we keep track of who comes in and when so we can assign finish times.
10. After the race, we will have refreshments and awards for the racers.

If you have questions, I can be reached at the best by text at 801-550-2284.

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